All new political concepts.

The Spirit of Law

The Spirit of Law is a concept that the principles of the legislation in development are as legally binding as the individual clauses of the document.

The Spirit of Law is designed to keep individuals and organizations from finding their way around the good intentions of the legislation and creating unintended consequences or an uneven playing filed.

The reality is that not every contingency can be imagined.  The intent is that as new circumstances emerge, the principle will guide individual and organizational actions without having to re-write legislation on every single issue.

Selective Contribution

Citizens will pick and choose where they would like to be involved.  In the representative system, one of the over-riding principles is universality.  This notion is abandoned in Engaged Democracy.

In our modern era, it is not necessary to be involved on every single issue.  For each of us, there are a few issues that likely take a priority, a handful that we care about and a great number that are irrelevant or for which we are disinterested.  Each person gets to pick the one(s) they want to be a part of.

Finally, just like today, there is no obligation to be involved in anything if the individual so chooses.

Voting Proxies

Individuals may only want to be part of specific aspects of the Engaged Democracy process.

For example, once the direction of the Spirit of Law is determined, many may not want to be involved with the legislative development process.

They may however want to ensure that their views are being considered.  With this mindset, individuals are able to give a proxy for their vote to anyone they choose.  That individual or organization however, must have registered for the process during the initial period.

It would be illegal to sell your vote proxy.

Payment for Genuine Contribution

Citizens will be compensated for the level of genuine  contribution that they make to the process.

One of the intentions of Engaged Democracy is to replace the appointed bureaucracy with individuals who are experts in the specific area that is being discussed.

No position will be full-time.  All positions will be attached to the project at hand.  Those who are recruited to draft legislation will be paid accordingly.  Those who provide counsel and edit the draft as well.  Right on down to the person who prints the document, the process compensates fairly.