Planning Starts atthe Beginning.

Efficient Planning

The primary goal of the Engaged Democracy process is to develop efficient and inclusive plans and legislation.  Too often in our current system, plans are developed with expediency, re-election and special interests in mind rather than the overall best interest of the citizens.

Also, limitations of the existing bureaucracy and services hinder innovative thinking and ignores changing economic and social conditions because it is too difficult to revamp the program.  This leads to out-dated and wasteful services.

These are both monumental hurdles to overcome, but Engaged Democracy is desinged to facilitate both.

Zero-based Plan

The place to start with any program or service is with a Zero-based Plan.  The Zero-based plan is a concept that removes any existing mental and physical limitations.  Consideration is given to what is the most effective solution to the task at hand and assumes there is not a  preexisting philosophy, program or budget.

The goal is not to develop a plan that can replace the current system in a week, rather a tool to produce a result that is focused on achieving the Spirit of Law.

Senate Oversight

The Senate plays a key role in developing the Zero-Based Plan.  As these are the proven best of House of Representatives members, their experience becomes invaluable.  They keep the committee focused on the goals, keep top of mind consideration of a broad range of issues and assist the Committee Members in over-coming road-blocks that may emerrge.

Public Scrutiny

The Zero-based Plan is made public through the political portal for scrutiny. 

Everyone of course is eligible to review the plan and the media can comment on it as well. 

However, only those who have gone through the training course on the issue are eligible to scrutinize the Zero-Based Plan and provide direct feedback.

Scrutineers are compensated for their sincere efforts. 

Those citizens that are involved to push an agenda or to be disruptive, are removed.


A final draft is developed that incorporates the scrutineers feedback.  This draft is then re-submitted to those same scrutineers for their voting.  If the zero-based plan does not receive the appropriate level of support, then it will need to be re-drafted. 

Scrutineers have 48 hours to respond.

Note:  Engaged Democracy utilizes an unique methodology of voting which is proprietary and not being disclosed at this time.


Once the Zero-based Plan is approved, the Committee then takes the process forward to formal policy development/legislation.