Citizens Lead and are Involved In Every Phase

The Engaged Democracy Digital & Interactive Environment - EDDIE

The process of Engaged Democracy follows three primary areas of focus:

1)  Issue Identification

2) Policy Development

3) Implementation and monitoring


The appointed portion of the bureaucracy of Canada is eliminated.  Citizens will performall the functions of government and receive compensation as the "on-demand" economy becomes the norm.

The unionized component of public service providers and maintenance will be maintained.

Technology Platform - EDDIE

The Engaged Democracy Digital & Interactive Environment is known as EDDIE. 

Almost all of Engaged Democracy's processes happen in the connected space.

Information is shared, the public is notified,educated and votes all through the digital device of their choice.  Legislation is drafted and edited in a public forum and several points of access are available for interested participants.

All citizens are registered at birth and cannot opt out of EDDIE.  However, citizen involvement is not mandatory.  Like now, citizens have the opportunity to be engaged on the issues they deem the most important to them and can ignore the rest.

If they choose, they may not participate at all.  The goal of EDDIE however, is to make it exceptionally easy to be involved as well as to have interesting content.

For example, feedback sessions can occur in real time with results streaming constantly.