Communication is a Hallmark of the Process.


Through EDDIE, e-mail, social media, mobile apps and texts, citizens are notified that a specific issue is going to be explored.  Citizens have their preferences set as to the areas they are most interested.


All programs are issued with a schedule of key dates and a proposed implementation date.  The process is the same in every instance in order to avoid short cuts.  Just the dates change depending on the complexity of the issue and the number of interested citizens.

Recruiting Experts and Stake-Holders

Citizens have been screened and filtered on numerous issues of concern as part of the on-going process.  As every citizen is already in the system, their  information continues to be updated automatically based on information that government already has.  For example, employment, income, education etc  This information is utilized for filtering and identification of experts, but remains private.

Citizens also have personal information that can be reviewed and update as they see fit.

Organizations also have the ability to be part of the expert talent pool and follow the same criteria as citizens.

Citizenswill also give individuals ratings per their previous performance.  Those that have performed the best will receive the highest ratings.

Registration of Citizens

Any and all citizens who want to be part of the process register at this time.  They should be intimately involved in all aspects of the policy development and legislation.

The goal is to utilize citizens as the compass for the project so that the end result is consistent with our national values but also so it meets it goals.  Wide citizen involvement also ensures that individual stake-holders or special interests cannot hijack the process.