Programs are Measured for Success.


Every program or piece of legislation will have metrics attached to them in terms of goals.  The metrics can be a wide range of items such as citizen involvement, cost-savings, efficiency rates, waste reduction...the list is endless.

However, the goals will be monitored within EDDIE so that the public can monitor progress.

Metrics will also be utilized, of course, to enhance the program or to correct gaps as they occur.


Programs and bills, will be implemented through the existing bureaucracy and infrastructure.  Staffing and physical resources will be utilized or repurposed as required.

As new infrastructure isimplemented others will be abandoned.  The goal is not to increase bureaucracy, rather increase efficiency of operations.

Soft Launch

Initiatives will be implemented for a predetermined period of time before ratification is given.  This is necessary to determine if the program is working as expected and if unforeseen consequences are materializing.

Expenditures will be necessary during this phase which cannot be recovered if significant issues are identified.

In the Engaged Democracy system, it is possible that some funds will be wasted, but only in the short-term.  This will avoid the issues where cost over-runs are excessive and an exorbitant amount of funds get poured into ineffective programs.


Following the Soft Launch, the bill or program is signed into law and becomes legally binding on everyone.  Just because you were not involved does not absolve you from accountability.