All Programs are Tracked and Modified as Required.

Monitoring and Evaluation

One member of the elected House of Representatives/Commons will be put in responsibility to monitor all aspects of the program in question.  Usually this will be one of the members that championed the issue.

Additionally, an on-going group of "engaged" citizens, will monitor the specific program and track metric achievement.  They will have access through EDDIE to social monitoring tools that will track media and social communications.

Evaluation will also be conducted through the development of case studies i.e. following individual cases through the process and random spot checks.

Feedback will be given to the House of Representatives/Commons member in charge of monitoring the program and action will be taken accordingly by the bureaucracy.

Public Feedback and Complaints

EDDIE will become the sole repository for all feedback and disputes.

As elected members are no longer representative in the  political system, direct contact with members is pointless.  They have no authority to broach any issue.  The current system is rife with elected members getting involved with case work.  Also, this process is implemented to avoid the appearance of patronage or favortism.  The Engaged Democracy system is fair and equal for everyone.

EDDIE will operate in a manner where individuals can get immediate response from government employees using technology to provide information and to resolve issues.

Program Enhancement

As continuous monitoring of the program is in place, there will be opportunity for enhancement and also the opportunity to correct errors.

There will not be the need to update every piece of legislation as revisions occur.  Instead, a series of guidelines and best practices will be developed that will become a template for future operations.


There will be further compensation for those citizens involved for effectiveness of the programs.  No benefits will be recognized merely for going through the process as that is already compensated.

Effective solutions and implementation however, will position the individuals involved for further employment and greater salaries.

Payment does not always infer currency.  Payment can be made in the areas of tax cuts. bonds, tax credits, sales tax relief.