We Know The Goal, Let's Create Policy.

Spirit of Law - Formal Language

The first part of the formal legislation, will be the Spirit of Law.  The language that is used at this point of the process is the proposed formal language that will ultimately be legally binding.

The mindset is that everything that follows must be consistent with the Spirit of Law, so changes beyond this point only lead to inefficiency and constant revision.

This formal language does not mean that the Spirit of Law is binding yet, as that only happens at the time of legislative ratification.

Discussion with Existing Stake-Holders

At this point, the Zero-based Plan is discussed at length with stake-holders that may be affected.

The first group of course is the public service.  Other  groups though that would be consulted are unions, professional organizations, businesses, interested parties etc.

All of these groups should have already been registered as part of the scrutiny process.  The goal at this point is to take into consideration all the existing infrastructure and to consider as many potential issues and opportunities as possible.

The objective is to have the Zero-based Plan, include the aspects of the infrastructure that already exist and can be utilized.  However, at this point it is as equally important to identify those elemetns that do not fit with the future.  Also, an important intent is to identify where the gaps exist between the two as a means of devising solutions in those areas.

The other primary purpose of these discussions is to get a real sense of the budget that would be required to implement the plan.  Obviously, the scope of budgeting will vary widely depending on the scope of the project.


Before any legislative provisions are drawn up, the Committee must assemble a forward plan in terms of implementation.

The intent is to create a framework of implementation towards that works to achieve goals, not just addresses  short-term and political issues.  Legislation that has to change constantly or cannot be flexible enough to address some measure of market change, is definitelynot the end-goal of the Engaged Democracy process.

Draft Legislation

The first draft of the legislation is developed for review by the scrutineers.


The scrutineers vote on the direction of the holistic plan and legislation the voting methodology is being withheld at this time).  The entirety of the plan must achieve a preset standard level of approval prior to being moved forward for approval by the Senate and public debate.