My name is Kenneth Jackson and I am a jaded citizen just like you.  For years I have watched the parties and our politicians erode democracy to the ineffective state that we currently find it.

I feel that for the first time there is a genuine demand among the general population to embrace a truly democratic approach in which the citizens actually have a genuine voice.

My approach is to use political-oriented decision making technology to collect the thoughts, feelings and direction of the citizens so that our policies reflect all of our needs and wants.  Government would then use the citizen input to craft policy and legislation.

I am strictly non-partisan, and feel that the party system has eroded our democracy to the point where citizens do not matter.  The point of Engaged Democracy is to put the primary emphasis on citizen involvement.

Other concepts being developed

  • Constructive Capitalism
  • Legal reform
  • International cooperation
  • Global citizenship
  • The Decline of freedom

About ME

  • Associate with Ethelo Democracy, a digital democracy software platform
  • Author of "Founding Father of the Twenty-First Century"
  • An advertising agency veteran with 20 years senior level success at several of the worlds top agencies -- Y&R, BBDO, McCann, Dentsu
  • I ran several key global accounts such as Canon, Toyota and Ford
  • I've lived on 3 continents - NA, Europe and Asia
  • Visited nearly 50 countries
  • Hold a MBA in marketing and international management - 1991
  • Have a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science - 1989
  • Creator of the Engaged Democracy governmental model