Engaged Democracy is a model for the 21st Century


Engaged Democracy is a system of government designed to deliver a peaceful, orderly and free society in which individuals can pursue personal fulfillment in an open and tolerant culture.

Broken Beyond Repair

The representative model of democracy is no longer relevant in our time.  The party system, coupled with an over-reaching influence of wealth has made it completely dysfunctional.  Democracy has been corrupted by top-down leadership and has abandoned the notion of grass-roots direction.  Engaged Democracy is designed to put control in the hands of the people.

Broken Beyond Repair is a statement of belief, that attempting to "fix" the representative system is impossible due to it's entrenched principles that are unbreakable.  It is a better path forward for democracy to implement a new model rather than simply put band-aids on the old one or hope that governments will heal themselves from within.

Engaged Democracy

Engaged Democracy is a direct democracy system that puts 100% control into the hands of citizens.  From policy agenda, to drafting legislation, to voting, to implementation, citizens do it all.

The very nature of today's world makes being an expert on a variety of issues impossible.  It is too much to ask of elected individuals to represent citizens on every possible topic.

Our nationhas access to a vast pool of citizens with talent and resources.  Engaged Democracy is designed to leverage both.  The top people in each field, will become the policy makers of the future.